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Sample Scenes  from Kid's Kindness Musicals for Classroom Educators and Homeschool families!
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Kids' Kindness Musicals
(Our Children's Voices)
Classroom Musicals for Educators!
Enjoy all 10 scenes below from our Kid's Kindness Musical with singing and acting scenes, songs and instruments, and helpful ideas on how to have a fun classroom musical! We will walk you through each scene to help you.

Scene 1 – Distance Learning (Shining Star & Your Smiling Face)

Scene 2 – Kindness Lesson (If Everyone was Kind to ME)

Scene 3 – Enjoying Nature (Walking on the Grass)

Scene 4 – Drive-by Birthday Party! (Grammy and ME)

Scene 5 – Comfort in the Creative Arts (Music Can Make You Happy)

Scene 6 – School Reopens (Gifts Inside of ME)

Scene 7 – The Mask (Hey! Here I Am!)

Scene 8 – Discover your Virtues (What’s Inside of ME?)

Scene 9 – Gift of the Vaccine (I Am Grateful)

Scene 10 – Finale, Kid’s Kindness Award (Shining Star)

  • Visit our songs and video link for complete list!

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