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We are Created by God is a beautiful song written by Miss Nancy to help children learn the virtues that God has placed inside their hearts! We learn one verse of  Scripture and one virtue for each book of the bible, with easy sign language to help children learn all the books of the Bible through music! Our song and Powerpoint is our gift to you! If you would like monthly videos with lesson plans,  our teaching manuals, or onsite music classes teaching song, sign and Scripture, please visit the links below!

Free  Powerpoint of our Song and Bible Versus for Schools and Families!


For monthly Videos with song, sign, and Scripture from each book of the Bible, taught by Miss Nancy, please check out Lesson 1 below and info on Videos!

What's Inside of Me? Our 66 page manual offers lesson plans, virtues, Scripture for each book of the Bible. For more info please visit below link!

We Are Created by God A Beginners Study through Song.jpg

For Special Onsite/Outdoor Classes with Miss Nancy teaching Song, Sign, Scripture and Musical Concepts and Instruments, please contact Nancy at or               760-815-0620 for Schedule of Dates and Times!

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