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So Excited to announce our First Childrens Singalong Picture and Activity Book entitled:
Grammy and ME 

(Gifts Inside of ME!)
Grammy and ME
(If Everyone was Kind to ME) Volume B

Grammy & ME E-book ($5.99) or Paperback $12.99
Now Available on Amazon!

Book Details:
Let's follow Grammy and her grandchildren Riley, Hartley, Leo and Noah as they spend a week together in nature and sing everywhere they go!

They journey to the beach, park, forest, playground, and their special music room to share songs about how lovely it is to spend time together while learning about all of the unique virtues inside of their hearts.

As they sing and learn about kindness, compassion, love, forgiveness, gentleness, peace, and joy, your children will enjoy beautiful illustrations and color activities to draw memorable scenes. Plus, you can teach your little ones the definitions of the many virtues as you sing the words to the songs, forever embedded into their lovely hearts.

This sweet sing-along book helps children, families, and educators learn how to access "special gifts" inside all of our hearts!

Original songs composed by my brother Johnny Schaller while Grammy and Riley sing and dance to all the words!
(Music and Video links can be accessed free at while you read the book!)

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Grammy and Me Gatherings and Classes!
To Register for our next Grammy/Me FREE Outdoor Music Gathering, Intro to our new musical "Kid's Kindness Musical and Book Signing Event in Encinitas Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 from 1:30-3:00pm, or for more information on our outdoor music classes held at your school or home, visit links below!

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FREE Children's Weekly Music Video Lessons!

Join us each week on our You Tube channel and receive fun videos for children free! Kids will enjoy interactive singing, dancing, learning instruments, and we will learn about the gifts inside of their hearts! Guest composers, musicians, singers, and choreographers will also visit us! We will also learn the history of dance styles, music and where the instruments all came from!
Check out our utube video links here and subscribe for free!!

Grammy and ME  Weekly Lessons (View them here for free or  Download  lessons into a booklet for  purchase!)

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Grammy and Me Lesson Plan 2 - PATIENCE!.png
_Grammy and Me Lesson Plan 4 - JOY!.jpg
_Grammy and Me Lesson Plan 5 - Tolerance.png
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