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A Classroom Musical for kids ages 3-13, written for Educators and Parents that Homeschool, to help children learn about Kindness through the Creative Arts along with special Virtues inside of their Hearts!

Always Choose Kindness and Love!


How do the Creative Arts help our Children?

Activities that engage a child's imagination such as dance, drama, music, art, poetry can be a passionate expression for children and a supportive outlet that helps them explore their emotions to be able to deal with the ups and downs of life. Kid's Kindness Musical allows all children to sing, dance, and enjoy sharing their creative gifts!


What's Included in Kid's Kindness Musical

50-page Classroom

Musical Theater Educational Presentation?


  • 7 Easy Steps to Prepare Students for Musical
  • Classroom Ideas to Personalize Musical
  • Homeschool Ideas to Personalize Musical
  • Acting Parts for up to 30 students & solos
  • Virtues (Heart Template)
  • Star Template for Students Art Project
  • Ideas for Student Art Projects
  • Additional Virtues of the Heart (64)
  • Additional Definitions of Virtues (64)
  • 10 Original and Uplifting Songs/Melodies
  • Musical Script Template with blank spaces for student's names
  • Links for all 10 Melodies*
  • Links for 10 Songs with Lyrics and Melodies
  • Links for Videos to Rehearse Songs
  • Sign Language Video (If Everyone was Kind to me)
  • Ideas for adding instruments, songwriting
  • Ideas for adding choreography, poetry
  • Ideas for Art Projects
  • 10 Acting Scenes teaching Virtues
  • Fun Presentation/Ending Song, Award Ceremony

*Enjoy listening to all songs free on our website or Youtube videos

To download or purchase mp3 playlist or sheet music, see additional offerings here!


3 Fun Ways to enjoy our Musical!

1) Download our Kid's Kindness Musical 50 Page

Musical Education Presentation for ages 3-13, with our

Complete Guide, Script, Songs and Lyrics for your Classroom or Homeschool. 


2) Subscribe to receive our free weekly videos that walk you through each Scene step by step to help you produce the best Kid's Kindness Musical for your class! (Free YouTube Videos sent weekly beginning May 1st, 2022, through July and all children are also welcomed to attend our Live Filming of Kid's Kindness Musical

in Encinitas late August if you would like your students/children to be in our musical video singing and dancing to our scenes that we will be sharing

with all schools around the world!

3) Invite us to your school or center

and we will teach the musical and bring fun instruments too!

Kid's Kindness Musical for Classroom Educators, Homeschool Families and Centers!

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