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"Walkin on the Grass!"



When I take my sweet granddaughter Riley for a walk we both start singing "Walking on the Grass" and now its a weekly music class for us taking a new instrument each week outside to a grassy area to learn about music concepts, sing songs, dance and spend time in nature!


Walkin on the Grass is our fun outdoor music/movement class that we are offering in January 2021* to parents/families/schools and gathering pods to help your child take a break from their daily studies and head outside to any grass area nearby! We offer weekly or monthly classes and enjoy...

  • Breathing in fresh air!

  • Walk or Run on the Grass!

  • Sing songs about virtues such as compassion, gratitude, kindness etc.

  • Learn fun dance routines!

  • Learn musical concepts such as pitch, tempo, rhythm, dynamics and more!

  • Introduction to a new instrument and dance genre every month and it's history

  • (New Instruments for each student included or bring your own!)

  • Confirm your spot soon! Classes begin January, 2021! (January instrument is drumming!) New inflatable drums provided

  • If you have a grassy area for us to meet, we will bring the fun to you!

  • Affordable Pricing! ($15 per student, minimum 8 students) 45 minute classes and includes a new instrument each month! Call Nancy at 760-815-0620/ or Email: for special group classroom pricing

Remote/Zoom Music and Dance Classes for Parents, Schools, Pod Gatherings!

What's Inside of Me?

Helping Children,

Learn   fun songs, musical concepts and dance steps while learning virtues of the heart! 




There are so many virtues that are

inside our hearts! Helping

children, families and business learn about them, share them, study them, and
sing songs about them is a gift
we can give to our families and our world!


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