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Start Your Own Children's Music and Movement

Program!  Teacher Training Webinars, 100 page

Teacher Manual (pdf version), $145

We are excited to be hosting Children's Music and Movement webinars to help teachers, parents and adults receive the tools needed to start Children's Programs in your own school, home or cities! Uncle Johnny from and Miss Nancy from Dance with Nance are ready to share their experience and knowledge from teaching and composing music for Mommy/Me, Preschool and elementary age children.. Our mission is to better prepare you for your own personal journey and desire to teach children music and movement in a fun and delightful way!

We believe teachers that are drawn to help children “discover” and “tap into” the creative arts are “Called” to this mission, and the calling also comes from an “innate desire to immerse ourselves in the gift of music and movement”,  in part to heal our own inner child as we seem to teach what we love (and need) to learn ourselves. But what a blessing to be receiving and giving at the same time!

We all have memories of our favorite music or dance teacher, and the one thing in common seems to be that we felt that they truly believed in us. When this love is present, children can receive the lesson and take it in with no resistance. It becomes a blessing for both teacher and student and the learning begins!

It is our sincere desire that whether you are a parent, teacher or desiring to learn more about children, that we can help you “help children” enjoy music and dance, and begin to dive deeper in to their own creative gift to use as a tool for healing…a tool for fun, and a tool for music appreciation so that they can share their gifts with others in a safe space as they grow and mature~

We will be taking you on a journey to recapture some of your own, “inner child joy” so be  prepared to smile and play through this training! Playful assignments, interactive lesson plans, lectures and helpful tools will be shared so you are ready to journey into the field of teaching children music and movement as soon as you decide that IT”S TIME!

Children's Music and Movement Teacher Training Optional

30 minute Webinars as support tool for an add'l




Webinar 1


Teaching Children's Values through Music/Movement/Puppet Play

(Miss Nancy)

Webinar 2


Sample Dance/Movement/Lesson Plans/Practicum (Miss Nancy)

Webinar 3


Music Composition/Creating Songs, Piano Sheet Music/Sample Music Jingles/Ideas to Teach Children (Uncle Johnny)

Webinar 4


Setting up Your Business/Mini Musical Ideas

(Miss Nancy)

Please go to our Shop link to purchase 100 page teacher manual for pdf download, or call Nancy at 760-815-0620 for details on

Webinars, Resources, etc!

Welcome/Facilitators/Schedule - Pages 1-7                 


1. Children…The True Gift - Pages 8-19

2. Breathing Techniques for Young Children - Pages 20-22

3. Teaching Musical Notes, Concepts and Percussion Instruments - Pgs 23-26

4. Music/Movement Lesson Plans, Sheet Music/Lyrics/Movements - Pgs 27-55

5. Bliss Family Musical with 6 scenes, acting parts - Pages 56-63

6. Games, Themes, Costume Ideas - Pages 64-79

7. Starting and Growing Your Business - Pages 80-98

8. Resources for Teacher Support  - Pages 99-100

To purchase our manuals, please visit shop link!

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