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Mellow Project Flyer for Schools May 21, 2022.png

Let's Support our Teachers, Administrators, Employees with some "Mellow" during the day, after school or special workshops to help staff      rejuvenate, recalibrate, regenerate  and    appreciate their special gifts that they share!
We'll bring the MELLOW to your location!

We appreciate YOU!
Contact Nancy  @760-815-0620 or

Free    Mellow Class for   all adults Sunday, December 3rd,  2023                                (3:15-4:15pm), Encinitas Village Park Grassy Area tba)


Ready to help your  employees at your school, home or company    enjoy a special R/R workshop or class? We would love to help all adults feel appreciated  and find their inner joy button again!  Music, movement and mindfulness is the KEY! (Text Nancy on the "lets chat" button below for more details!)
Class Rates start at $150    per  hr (Pop up tents,    handouts, supplies additional)
Workshops  start at $200 per hr, minimum 2 hours, (up to 15   staff),    Special discounts for additional staff and manuals  
Ask about our Weekend Teacher Training  Programs
Contact Nancy for  discount info when you book more than one class or workshop!

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