Our Story

Nancy Holden, founder of “Dance With Nance” began her ‘mobile’ dance company in 1979 bringing dance to children at Preschools, Elementary Schools, Recreation Centers, YMCAs, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

Branching her business from Missouri, Colorado, Florida, and California, Dance with Nance has taught dance & music in 200 schools with 2000 students nationwide. With a staff of 20 teachers throughout her 30 years of service, the vision of having young children meet friends at school, learn the creative arts in a safe environment and share their love of dance and music during parent review days, was a dream and a blessing for our staff to witness every day!


Hey! Here I Am!  is a children's original musical and was developed by Miss Nancy and her brother pianist and

composer, Johnny Schaller (tunetownkids.com) from a passion to help children express themselves through dancing, singing, and acting. Our musical supports teachers through the creative arts to help children learn about the "Virtues" that are inside of them.


What's Inside of Me? are music and dance classes that help children learn all of these blessings that are found inside of them  through song and dance! During this time of Covid, we are offering Weekly videos, lesson plans, remote and zoom classes are available to help children learn about tolerance, compassion, gratitude and over 100 attributes are taught!

(We hope to be back in schools in the future as well! A special book entitled "What's Inside of Me" is being written to help parents and teachers have 100 lesson plans, videos, definitions and fun activities for children to learn all of the attributes, virtues and blessings in our lives! (Will be completed by November, 2020!)

Special Teacher Training is now available online and our 30 years experience including songs, routines, lesson plans, musical concepts, etc is included to help other teachers in schools have a ready made fun Music and Dance Program for your children! Browse through our links for more info!