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Our Story

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Nancy Holden, founder of “Dance With Nance” began her ‘mobile’ dance company in 1983 bringing dance to children at Preschools, Elementary Schools, Recreation Centers, YMCAs, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

Branching her business from Missouri, Colorado, Florida, and California, Dance with Nance has taught dance & music in 200 schools with 2000 students nationwide. With a staff of 20 teachers throughout her 30 years of service, the vision of having young children meet friends at school, learn the creative arts in a safe environment and share their love of dance and music during parent review days, was a dream and a blessing for our staff to witness every day. We are offering FREE teacher training through December 2023 if you would like to start your own after school program! Check out details on the home page link!

Miss Nancy has recently written 2 Childrens Sing-along picture and activity book entitled Grammy and ME! (Gifts Inside of ME!) and (If Everyone was Kind to ME) and is also offering Outdoor Music and Movement Classes, Childrens Concerts & Gatherings as well as Free weekly You Tube Videos and Teacher Training Manuals, with a passion to help children learn about the gifts inside of their hearts! The "Mellow Project" is a Teacher R & R Class that we provide to teachers, staff and homeschool educators during the day and we have also created a 50-page Educational Book for classrooms and homeschool families to help them produce their own fun children's musical! All children who love the creative arts will love this classroom musical with friends or  families! Then, if you would like to have your students be part of our LIVE production of Kids Kindness Musical in late Summer 2023, we will film the songs from the musical and produce a fun video to share with all schools around the world! Visit our Kid's Kindness Musical link or shop link to purchase our classroom musical! Most recently we have created a Values Education Curriculum for Schools, Districts, Families that can help children learn about the values, virtues, behaviors and characteristics to help them become the best version of their true nature! We include music, movement, puppetry and instruments in all of our lessons, and we come to your location! Check out all links below!

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