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Now Scheduling Classes/Camps for Summer 2020!

Making friends and having common interest with other children at their school or with a mommy/me toddler group at your home enhances your child's academic experience. Music makes children happy and dancing to music allows students to move their feet and arms to experience rhythm. Dancing provides a feeling of happiness...and a happy child is a self-confident child! To request a class at your location please Email or call Nancy @ 760-815-0620. 

Class Offerings:

1) We're introducing 7-New Miss Nancy's Friends Lesson Videos and Original Songs with Uncle Johnny on Keyboards including CDs, Sheet Music, Videos, Special School Kids Concerts/Assemblies, Teacher Workshops/College for Kids held at your school or location helps our youth to learn "How To Become a Teacher using their own talents along with a 100-page supportive Teacher Training Manual! Everything Children and Adults Need is Inside of Us and Miss Nancy and Mini & Uncle Johnny will Dance and Sing with Puppet Friends to Help Your Child Grow to be "All That They Were Meant to Be!" See the Shop link.

2) Finger Puppet Tapping ™️ (Ages 2-Adult) Finger Puppet Tapping has become a great form of expression for those who love to dance, and can begin learning dance or play on a tap dancing "lap" board that we have made for each student to help them personally enjoy the experience of dancing with puppets on their fingers! Once we get the groove on through thought/hand control, it then becomes easy to add the feet! Or if your child (or yourself) loves to dance but is limited in movement, this fun tap board with finger puppets brings out the joy of dancing while sitting! (Finger Puppets with taps and Tap Boards Available for Purchase)


3) Mommy or Daddy and Me Music and Movement (Ages 18 Months–2 ½ yrs) Music/Movement classes are for children and their parent/guardian as a way of introducing children to basic movement at an early age. Children will enjoy games, music, and song. These classes will improve a child's co-ordination skills while also stimulating the child's creativity & imagination.

4) Mommy or Daddy & Me Boogie (Ages 18 Months–3 yrs) This program is an exciting and stimulating introduction to music and dance. This program is designed to enhance motor skills, music appreciation and creativity.  It is structured for the parent and child to participate and experience the class together. Class consists of singing, ballet, and creative movement.

5) Tots and Tutus (Ages 2-3) This toddler dance class is full of stimulation by using touch, visual and sound. Your child will begin to learn terminology and basic dance movements while we use puppets, musical instruments, props, bubbles, body movement and motor skill development games. This class is interactive with parent/guardian and enjoys a sense of play while learning ballet and creative dance steps.

6) Magical Movement (Ages 3-4) This class introduces students to music and learning through motor activities and dance. Creative dance/ballet is incorporated throughout class.  Each class focuses on teaching young dancer’s body awareness as well as expanding their imagination through dances, songs, props, colors, and numbers. Scarves and costumes provided.

7) Rockin Stars! (Ages 3-5) Intro to dance for young girls and boysthat will help develop locomotor skills and explore musicality/expression through movement using fun exercises, stories, colorful props and music that children love. Students learn basic vocabulary and music skills through imaginative exercises. Focus is on building coordination in basic/fun routines.


8) Princess Dancer! (Ages 3-5) A creative and exciting ballet and movement class that incorporates young children’s imagination and creativity to tune motor skills and musicality through ballet and play. Your child transitions into a magical world as a princess walking in glass slippers across the castle! Princess dresses, tiaras, wands and jewelry are provided.

9) Miss Nancy and Friends Musicals (Age 3 through Adult) Miss Nancy and Friends Musicals are a lot of great songs, choreography of all the dance genres, and lyrics along with acting scenes by, original music composed by John Schaller (Uncle Johnny). John Schaller is a professional musician and is composing all of the original music with Nancy. You can get more information on Uncle Johnny at These original musicals are written from a passion to help children and adults express themselves through the arts, but learn how to “grow inside their hearts”, the true meaning of living a life filled with love for their neighbor and their self.. All scenes are based on 50 attributes such as friendship, self confidence, forgiveness, acceptance, and we sing/dance/act with our friends all the way through to a dynamite finale and production for families to attend! Opportunities for students to sing, dance, act, choreograph and bring their own special gifts into the musical.  This is our true passion to create a new direction for children to learn to be the best they can be, more accepting of themselves, and find true kindness towards others through the lessons woven into these special musicals!

10) Kids Street! Tap Dance (Ages 4-5 or Ages 6-9) A rhythm based dance class for children that is non stop fun! Class encourages free expression, while introducing the basic elements of tap dance technique and terminology highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound. (Portable tap floor can be brought to location)

11) Pop Star Dance! (Grades K-3 or Ages 5-9) Pop Star Dance includes jazz/modern/hip dancing! Classes focus on current popular (and class appropriate) music and dance moves from TV and movies. Students will be given the opportunity to 'take the stage' with their favorite music and their own dance. Students may bring a favorite CD, to class and will also create their own pop star jewelry, among many other crafts. Lots of great props, blow up guitars and microphones!

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