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Hi! I'm Nancy Holden, the co-creator of the We are Created by God song, sign and Bible verse music program.


In the past decades, I've taught my Dance with Nance music and movement programs to THOUSANDS of children in Southern California schools, community centers, churches, and preschools. Now, I'm offering a new program that God placed on my heart to teach children the virtues that God has placed in their hearts. This program helps children (and adults) learn one verse from each of the 66 books of the Bible and its corresponding virtue. A great way to get to know the books of the Bible through music, plus sign language is taught, too! Children learn what the Bible says through song and scripture virtues including:


  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Acceptance
  • Tolerance
  • And dozens of virtues more!


Pleases visit our website landing page for our  free powerpoint and song "We Are Created by God"  to help teach children (and adults) learn an easy 4 minute song teaching virtues that God has placed in our hearts with corresponding bible verses for each book of the bible. 


The powerpoint can be used as a tool to help your children, students, seniors or family members learn one virtue for each book of the bible and weekly videos are now being recorded to also offer sign language for the virtues in each book of the bible. Here is the first video for "Genesis" and we learn about creation, a beautiful gift that God has placed in our hearts too!


Our monthly videos offer one book of the bible each month to study, with scripture versus, sign and song for children to learn all of the books of the bible in an easy way.

Here is a sample of Genesis, First book of the Bible, teaching about Creation:


I would also love to come to your school, church or home gathering and teach these versus, help children enjoy music and learn about scripture and sign language. Our music classes in person can be held outdoors, with singing and movement and learning about musical concepts and instruments. If you would like more information on how to schedule classes at your location, please contact Nancy at 760-815-0620 or email

God bless you!

Purchase one month here for $29, or purchase 6 months and receive our free 66 page lesson manual FREE! A $45 gift for your students!


We Are Created by God (Video teaching the Bible through song/sign/Scripture)

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