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Our very first Grammy and Me! Sing-along Book Songs that you can download and enjoy as you read the book to your child! (Age appropriate birth through 6 years but all children may enjoy singing and dancing to the songs! All songs teach about virtues inside of our hearts and how to treat others with kindness, compassion and love! Grammy and Me Singalong book will be published December 2021 and will be printed for purchase by Jan. 15th!  You can visit our website and listen to songs, and videos for FREE, or if you would like to purchase songs for mp3/4 download you  can purchase the songs here! 5 songs for $11.99. Lots of fun lessons for children and families to share!

See our fun Grammy and ME! video with words to the song or purchase the new childrens book  coming soon!



Grammy and Me Sing-along Songs! Volume A

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