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Dance With Nance & Tune Town Kids Present…

School Music & Movement Assemblies/Fun Interactive Concerts for Young Kids!

Preschool Age 1-5 or Elementary School k-3rd Grade "What’s Inside of Me? “

"Love” comes more naturally to a child’s heart than any other feeling and our passion is to help children feel their natural ability “that is inside of them” to love, to be kind, to be compassionate, to help others and also to forgive.

How do we help children find those loving attributes inside of them? Through a fun interactive music, movement and puppet theater Assembly/Concert called “What’s Inside of Me," we encourage young children to learn values and attributes that are found inside of them!  We use over 50 puppets named

“Kindness, Forgiveness, Love, Peace, Compassion etc." And TuneTownKids has composed original and new fun songs that talk about all of these wonderful virtues that every child has inside!


Through singing, dancing, playing instruments and fun skits, we not only encourage brain development and literacy but provide important lessons early on to help children learn these important values as they begin their journey of learning. Singing, activities, instruments, musical/response, puppets, colorful scarves, clapping, and dancing to live music! Great entertainment for school assemblies or concerts for special gatherings!  (We also invite teachers on stage to learn easy choreography and dance for the children!) Kids love it!

  • Live Original Music Written and played by John Schaller (Uncle Johnny from tunetownkids) We bring all portable musical equipment (piano, microphones, speakers, podiums, amps, and all set up for assembly.)

  • Dance Choreography, Lyrics and Puppet Theater Activities by Nancy Holden (Miss Nancy from Dance with Nance)

  • 50 years total experience joining forces with Miss Nancy and Uncle Johnny and a passion to help children keep their “inner child joy” by remembering that they carry all of these wonderful gifts inside of their hearts. Fun, upbeat and playful setting for children through music and dance. We provide all instruments, puppets, props, acting scenes to introduce a powerful yet easy and fun way to learn “What’s Inside of Me!”

  • Please call for pricing (varies depending on location and length of assembly/concert!

  • Call Nancy Holden directly at 760-815-0620 or email questions to

Here's a sample video of the upcoming Miss Nancy's Friends with Uncle Johnny from TuneTownKids performing a new original piece called "What's Inside of Me?"

Here's a sample video of the how puppet dancing works with children. It's fun, interactive, and teaches rhythm and music!

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