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In support of our seniors that may be in hospitals or care facilities and unable to be with loved ones, along with first responders and family members that need some "Daily Inspiration", please share this 4 minute song which includes beautiful virtues inside of our hearts that are interwoven with beautiful Scripture verses. May God continue to bless us with daily wisdom and love for one another~ With love, Miss Nancy and Uncle Johnny

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Celebrating Dance with Nance's 30 years teaching 2000 children the joy of dancing, learning the creative arts, and sharing the love of music, Nancy is introducing a new program called Miss Nancy's Friends Featuring 50-new puppets that teach positive and happy attributes like love, friendliness, courage, passion, honesty, etc. through music and dance! Come inside and see this new and exciting program for preschoolers through 4rd grade!
Featuring Dance with Nance and Uncle Johnny from TuneTownKids!
Join Miss Nancy and Her "Puppet Friends" as we begin       
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