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Miss Nancy's Friends offers "Original Children's Musicals” and "Finger Puppet Dancing Classes"™️ developed by our staff from a passion to help children express themselves through dancing, singing, and acting, but on a deeper level to help the youth learn how to “utilize" their creative gifts while learning positive characteristics to help them start at an early age have the confidence to pursue their dreams and share their special gifts~(Finger Puppet Dancing also great for family activities!)

All  scenes and story lines are based on attributes such as friendship, self confidence, forgiveness, acceptance, and we sing/dance/act with great lyrics and choreography all the way through to the finale with a fun production! Fun Puppets and Finger Puppets with taps and individual small tap tables that fit on their laps are brought to each class for the students to learn how to dance from choreography and thoughts of rhythm to the hands and fingers first, creating not only a lot of fun for all, but an awareness of movement and thought/hand coordination while hearing the taps of the finger puppets do the all of the dancing! A great source of education for teachers/therapists/parents and children to bond, and preschool or educational foundations. (Finger Puppets, taps and tap boards available for purchase) See our shop link!

Lyrics and acting scenes written by Nancy Holden, choreography by Nancy and her daughter Kati Hammonds Loiacano, music composed and scored by John Schaller of

Simply call or email Nancy Holden for all inquiries.
Nancy Holden

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