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FREE Weekly Youtube Videos for Kids! 

Original Songs Composed by Uncle Johnny (tunetownkids)

Lyrics by Miss Nancy (dancewithnance)


Lesson 1 - Grammy and Me (Gifts Inside of Me)

Lesson 2 - Grammy and Me with Riley!

Lesson 3 - Walking on the grass with riley and gramma!

Lesson 4 - Walking on the grass blessings of nature and our senses

Lesson 5 –Tolerance

Lesson 6 - Love  

Lesson 7 – Forgiveness!

Lesson 8 – Joy! 

Lesson 9 – Joy and Love and Forgiveness! “It’s a Brand New Day! Fingerpuppet tap board dancing!

Lesson 10 – Courage

Lesson 11 – Happiness!

Lesson 12 - Freedom

Lesson 14 - What’s Inside of Me? (intro)  Dancewithnance presents...What's Inside Of Me? - YouTube

Lesson 15 – What’s Inside of Me? (Lesson 1 – Love!)

Lesson 16 - Dancewithnance presents” What’s Inside of me? Acceptance! - YouTube

Lesson 17 - Hey Here I am!

Lesson 18 - Video teaching “tempo”

Lesson 19 - Video to my granddaughter Riley!

Lesson 20 - Video to my granddaughter riley part b

Lesson 21 -Grammy and Me video celebrating grandparents!

Lesson 22 -Teaching Musical Concepts (rhythm)

Lesson 23 - Appreciation: Name that Sound! (1) dancewithnance presents...APPRECIATION! - YouTube

Hey Here I Am Video about Kindness Musicals at your School dancewithnance presents...Hey! Here I Am! Children's Musical Video Introduction! Sept 2018 - YouTube

Message to parents and teachers on our new videos and virtues and music classes

Message to parents and teachers about what's inside of me virtues etc. - What’s Inside of Me? - YouTube

Start your own dance music program IMG 8688 - YouTube

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