FREE Weekly Youtube Videos for Kids! 

Original Songs Composed by Uncle Johnny (tunetownkids)

Lyrics by Miss Nancy (dancewithnance)


Lesson A1  - Grammy and Me (Gifts Inside of Me)

Lesson A2 - Grammy and Me with Riley!

Lesson 1 -  Walking on the grass with riley and gramma!

Lesson 3 - Walking on the grass blessings of nature and our senses

Lesson 4 –Tolerance

Lesson 4a  - Love  

Lesson 5 – Forgiveness!

Lesson 6 – Joy! 

Lesson 7 – Joy and Love and Forgiveness! “It’s a Brand New Day! Fingerpuppet tap board dancing!

Lesson 8 – Courage

Lesson 9 – Happiness!

Lesson 10 – Don’t Wait Until You’re Purrr Fect!


Lesson 11 -  Freedom

Lesson 12 What’s Inside of Me? (intro)

Lesson 13 – What’s Inside of Me? (Lesson 1 – Love!)

Dancewithnance presents” What’s Inside of me? Acceptance! - YouTube

Lesson 14 - Sample Ballet Class

Lesson 15 - Sample video with puppets (one voice barry manillow)

Lesson 16 - Hey Here I am!

Lesson 17 - Video teaching “tempo”

Lesson 18 - Video teaching “tempo”

Lesson 19 - Video to my granddaughter Riley!

Lesson 20 - Video to my granddaughter riley part b

Lesson 21 - We are created by God PowerPoint We Are Created By God - YouTube

Lesson 22 -Grammy and Me video celebrating grandparents!

Lesson 23 -Teaching Musical Concepts (rhythm)

Lesson 24 - Teaching Musical Concepts (beat)

Lesson 25- We Are Created by God (Music only) instrumental

Lesson 26 - Appreciation: Name that Sound! (1) dancewithnance presents...APPRECIATION! - YouTube

Lesson 27 - hey here I am musical play script free

Hey! Here I Am! Sample Musical Play Script Oct. final.pdf

Lesson 28 - Kindness booklet free

Kindness Student Complete Booklet and Daily Chart September 2018.pdf

Message to parents and teachers on our new videos and virtues and music classes remote etc.

Message to parents and teachers about what's inside of me virtues etc. -

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