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What's Inside of Me? LOVE! Teaching children, families and adults about the beautiful virtues inside their hearts through music, movement is our passion here at dancewithnance and we hope to help all families and schools have a weekly tool to help your students unveil the beauty inside so that they can find their way to see the beauty in others. 4 short videos will be sent to you via private utube link (one per week for 4 weeks each month) with the below items. Receive 1 video per week per month for 4 weeks  ($29 per month for families).  (Week 1 - Acceptance) (See sample video at this link!)


All ages can learn from these lessons!

Weekly Remote Videos featuring a new Virtue each week with lessons that include

  • 1 New Virtue of the Heart each week
  • Understanding & Defining
  • Virtue (ALL) Assistance to help
  • Song/Dance or Puppet Play Explanations
  • Lesson Plan (pdf format) for each virtue (one per week!)

What's Inside of Me? (4 Individual/Family Video Lessons!

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