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We are excited to announce that we have created a school curriculum that will help education children (pre k through 4th grade) on SEL (Social, Emotional Learning), Values, Attitudes and Habits to help children interact with one another in a positive light. We teach that all of these values are "gifts" inside of their hearts and that they can receive these gifts for FREE! We create lesson plans for students and share with teachers via download resources or we can also come to your location to offer onsight classes to students or train your staff to teach the curriculum in a fun way using creative arts. The cool part is that we do our trainings through the creative arts so children are singing, dancing, doing art projects, puppet play, learning instruments, writing poems....all the while learning about these values. By using the creative arts, children will remember these gifts and role play becomes fun as acting scenes!

We can personalize your student's experience and come to each classroom, or if you have a room at your school for a few hours we can hold 15-20 min. classes for the children and set up a wonderful room filled with hearts, puppets, values, and create a wonderful learning experience. Lots of fun lessons from teaching the past 30 years and love working with children and staff!


Rates start at $150 per hour and can accommodate 4-5 classrooms for 15 minute lessons.  Group rates available. Classes can be offered weekly, monthly or book a workshop for teachers or parents. Or we can offer after school classes for children can be set up on a parent fee of $15. per student.  Workshops start at $200 which includes up to 10 staff with 50 lessons included for download.


Please call Nancy at 760-815-0620 for more information for a sample of our class offerings and special group pricing! Kids will love their new learning experience while also receiving music, movement, art and theater classes! Local Huntington Beach Schools will also receive a FREE class! Call Nancy for more info at 760-815-0620

SEL Curriculum (Onsite Classes or Workshops)

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