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Webinar is free with purchase of our combo set for $137 Or you can purchase webinar only for $89 and receive: Four Teacher Training Webinars (private videos) to help you begin your own childrens music and movement program in your school, at home, recreation, community centers or for parents who would like to enjoy fun songs and dances with their young children (age appropriate under 8) Please contact Nancy at 760-815-0620 for future workshops at your location!


Children's Music and Movement Teacher Training Webinars: 

Webinar 1 - Welcome/Intro/Teaching Children's Vaues through Music/Movement/Puppet Play

Webinar 2 - Sample Dances, Movement/10 Lesson Plans with Original Music/Bliss Family Musical Introduction/Practicum (Miss Nancy)

Webinar 3- Music Composition/Creating Songs on the Piano or other instruments, Piano Sheet Music/Sample Music Jingles/Ideas to Teach Childrens Music (Uncle Johnny)

Webinar 4 - Setting Up Your Business/Marketing/Mini Musical Ideas from BlissFamily Musicals (Miss Nancy)

Once your order is complete, we will send the Utube Video Webinars to you within 3-5 days via email as we are constantly updating new webinars for you!

But WAIT! There is More!


If you would like to order the 100 page pdf manual along with mp3 (7 songs), sheet music and our musical, we offer a complete Teacher Bundle Package with free webinars right now! Please visit our "Shop" link to review or purchase Teacher Bundle Package normally priced at $297 which is now discounted for a limited time to  $137 and we will send you the downloads for 100 page manual pdf version, mp3 music, sheet music, and four webinars! Teacher Training Manual is now on sale for $49! Lots of great choices!

Teacher Training Manual Contents 100-page Manual or Webinars


Table of Contents

Welcome/Facilitators/Schedule - Pages 1-7                 


1. Children…The True Gift - Pages 8-19

2. Breathing Techniques for Young Children - Pages 20-22

3. Teaching Musical Notes, Concepts and Percussion Instruments - Pages 23-26

4. Music/Movement Lesson Plans, Sheet Music/Lyrics/Movements - Pages 27-55

5. Bliss Family Musical with 6 scenes, acting parts - Pages 56-63

6. Games, Themes, Costume Ideas - Pages 64-79

7. Starting and Growing Your Business - Pages 80-98

8. Resources for Teacher Support  - Pages 99-100

Webinar: How To Start Your Own Kids Programs! (Private Video Links!)

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