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Kindness Student Booklet consists of 12 months of a calendar for students to put the name or initials DAILY of who they will be kind to! If you can start the day having your child or student just begin to think about who they want to be kind to, hopefully each day they will begin to enjoy reaching out to others and doing for others and thinking of others in a "kind" and "intentional" and "meaningful" way. If they need a little love themselves that day, you can encourage them to put their own initials in the chart! START the day being kind to someoneo or at least begin to think about how they can be kinder and gentler and we believe miracles will happen! Then add the free children's musical and script coming Sept 1st! "Hey! Here I Am!" as a classroom resource to help children use their talents and creativity to create a fun classroom play! Teachers you can also download photos enclosed to make a classroom chart! Enjoy! (To receive FREE resources, please visit and sign up to receive our newsletter! We we will forward items to you FREE!) 


Kindness Student Complete Booklet and Daily Chart (final).pdf

FREE Kindness Student Booklet and Daily Chart

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